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Winner of the Good Art Guide Reader's Choice Award 2017

There are not enough Letters

Final Digital Art image and original photograph below

Born in Rio de Janeiro, raised in London, schooled in Brighton

Living in São Paulo...

"This is my life, my saviour, my tormentor. Life without this would seem empty, devoid of my truth and how I see the world and experience this reality. It is expression of fine art through digital means. It is the outside world being transformed by my inner world then poured back in the form of these images. I hope you enjoy them. I hope they give you pleasure and sometimes hope. For without hope and beauty, we would be surely lost. I thank you beforehand for your time in exploring my work. Peace always, Tomaz."


Award-winning Artist whose work has been exhibited in London, New York, São Paulo, Los Angeles and Berlin.





"Tomaz Favilla is an exceptionally talented Brazilian artist who was born in Rio de Janeiro, raised in London and now resides in São Paulo, Brazil. Favilla states that the city has had a huge impact on his creative process and credits “this basin of human ‘progress’, this metropolis of 22 million people, this labyrinth of streets and buildings where concrete co-habits with the tropical climate…” with the inspiration for creating his stunning new media works of art which underline his belief that “nature always finds a way to be heard, seen and felt, no matter how much asphalt we use…”All images of his current work start with an original photo, which is then digitally edited. His incredible new work delves deep into image editing and he has discovered not only an art form, but a passion”

- COUER Show, New York, 2016

When Birds Began to SIng

Tomaz Favilla graduated in Music and Visual Arts at Brighton University in the United Kingdom and studied fine art at the Panamericana School of Art and Design, in São Paulo. He has exhibited in Brazil (with abstract works painted in acrylic) at PARTE - Feira de Arte Contemporânea de São Paulo and the UK with an interactive installation piece (“This is not an Exit”) which explored altering states of consciousness by inducing the feelings and thoughts of paranoia and schizophrenia upon the audience. His new work has been displayed in London, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York.

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"...blurring the lines in between Digital Art, Fine Art and Photography..."


Taylor-Made Pop-Art and Glitch Art Portraits.

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